What we do

Takin consulting specialises in environmental and natural resource (forests, wildlife, land-use) governance, and more specifically in environmental and social safeguards.


Our approach builds on an in-depth understanding and experience of international, regional and bilateral social and environmental policy, legal agreements and other multilateral frameworks (such as the UNFCCC, the CBD, CITES, and the EU FLEGT), as well as the safeguard frameworks, policies and procedures of multi-lateral donor agencies and NGOs (incl. UNDP, World Bank, IUCN, GCF, CAFI, KfW, WWF). 


Our team has extensive expertise in the development and implementation of safeguard and risk management frameworks, including those related to protected area management. The team has worked in many countries in Asia, Africa, and Central and South America, working closely with national and sub-national governments as well as a wide range of non-state actors. This has included numerous consultations and trainings with governments (and their sectoral agencies at central and sub-national levels), local communities, Indigenous Peoples, civil society, the private sector (logging concessionaires, agribusiness etc.) and international organisations. 

Other expertise/services provided include:

  • Legal and policy research and analysis

  • Project evaluation and due diligence

  • Capacity building, including design of tools such as e-learning courses

  • Stakeholder consultations

  • Design and implementation of lobbying strategies